Paying Tuition

Our members pay dues to the dojo for their training. These are not donations, they are payment for Aikido instruction. If you would like to receive a discount for pre-paying 6 months or a year in advance, please come see us at the dojo. If you would like to setup secure automatic monthly payments for your training use the "Subscribe" button below. 

Automatic payments are managed through PayPal. You may cancel anytime through your PayPal account. Each year you will be asked to renew your automatic payments to ensure it does not continue without your approval.

If you would prefer to make a one-time payment for a month of training use the "Pay Now" button below.  Both buttons will open a new window to take you to PayPal to complete your payment securely. 

New for 2024. We have added a button below to pay your ASU dues. All of the money collected goes directly to ASU (except for the PayPal fees) in the form of a single check from our dojo. Please ensure your payments are made in January.

Setup automatic payments

PayPal makes it easy to cancel these payments at anytime. 

Make a one-time payment

Pay for an introductory special ($25)

This button is intended to allow you to pay for the introductory special from your personal device.  The $25 price includes sales tax.

Pay ASU Dues

Select your rank and use the button below to submit your payment for ASU dues. These dues are due in January each year. PayPal fees have been added to the total. Please ensure to add your name as well so we can mark you off our list.