Class Schedules & Fees

Dojo Class Schedule

Current dojo training schedule

Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming training environment for all students. Classes are separated into three age groups, children, teens, and adults. There are also Karate classes listed in the schedule to the right.  

Please reference the schedule on the left for up to date information and dojo closures for events or holidays. 

Classes for Children (4-8 years)

We host 2 aikido classes a week for children 4-8 years old, Tuesday and Thursday starting at 5:30pm.

Classes for Teens (9-15 years)

We host aikido 2 classes a week for teens 9-15 years old, Tuesday and Thursday starting at 4:30pm.

Classes for Adults

There are 4 adult aikido classes during the week.  One morning session,  Friday,  at 9:00am. On Tuesdays we have a lunch time class starting at noon. In the evenings there are classes on Monday and Wednesday starting at 6:30pm. All levels are welcome, and we have a special focus on beginner's techniques Wednesday evenings.

Membership Fees

Aikido Northshore is a community of families and friends who have come together through Aikido. In 1995 Crawford Sensei opened the doors here in Kirkland and, with the help of her first students, built the mat that we train on today. We have had the privilege of being a part of young people’s lives; watching them grow, leave for college and some returning with their children to continue a new generation. Our dojo is part of a vibrant Aikido community here in Seattle and within the national and international organization of ASU.

In April 2019, Crawford Sensei reconfigured the financial structure of the dojo to officially make it a 501.c non-profit organization. Our instructors, including Sensei Lee, are all volunteers. Your financial support from dues goes into paying for rent, utilities, marketing, supplies, and additional training for some instructors. All the money that you and your family contribute to the dojo stays here and benefits our community.

We ask that you think of dues as a contribution to our larger community. Similar to a donation to public radio, it helps keep a service that we all love available to everyone. This means that if you need to take a month or two off from training, the dojo would still appreciate your contribution, if it is not a financial burden. As an incentive, there are prepayment discounts. If you can afford to pay for 6 months in advance you can get a 5% discount and for 12 months you can save a full 10% discount.

New Student Special

$25 includes tax - Two classes and a uniform


Dues are paid on a monthly basis on the first of the month.  

​$110 – Individual membership

$145 – Two family members

$175 – Three family members

$190 – Four family members

$200 – Five family members

Save 5% for prepaying 6 months or 10% for 12 months tuition.