Welcome to Aikido Northshore

Aikido Northshore is a family dojo that teaches traditional Aikido and serves Kirkland and the Greater Eastside community. 2020 marked our 25th Anniversary and we are very grateful to our current, former, and future members for their ongoing contributions to our community. Our students range in age from 4-75+ years. We believe it does not matter what level of strength you begin with, just that you try to advance a little bit in each class. This philosophy is one of the reasons many people that practice Aikido feel it helps their daily life. The dojo atmosphere is one of openness and generosity dedicated to hard work and success of all students.  Scroll down to learn more about our programs for children and adults.

COVID-19 Policy

Until further notice all students must show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to train. Masks are strongly encouraged in the adult classes. Masks are still required in the children's classes. To find out more please visit the COVID-19 News page.

New Student Special (only $25)

If you're curious about Aikido, and would like an easy way to get started, we offer a two-class introductory program for both adults and children. This will give you or your child the ability to spend some time on the mat with the other students and our instructors to experience Aikido first hand. We include a uniform (dogi pants, jacket, and belt) that is yours to keep.

Dojo Members,

We have made it easy to pay your monthly tuition online. 

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Aikido For Children & Teens (Ages 4-15)

The primary focus of the children's program is the development of the self.  Body strength and coordination are developed from physical movement.   Awareness, concentration, focus and self-esteem are improved.   Students develop a sense of center and grounding.

Aikido is unique among martial arts as it teaches children how to avoid fighting.    Aikido helps children learn to deal with difficult situations in a non-violent, non-confrontational manner.  They are taught not to become fearful or aggressive when encountering conflict, but to deliberately redirect a potentially negative interaction.  This process helps children build good social and communication skills.

Aikido teaches body awareness, sensitivity to movement and coordination.  Aikido training develops self-confidence and a positive self-image.  In many cases there can be academic improvement due to increased ability to focus, cooperate and follow instruction.

Aikido for Adults

Aikido is a complete system for the development of the body, mind and spirit.  The physical benefits are increased strength, endurance, conditioning, balance, coordination and stress reduction.

Aikido students learn to be grounded and centered in their daily lives.  Aikido training improves mental clarity, self-confidence and self-image.  The spiritual nature of aikido allows one to learn to be an open-hearted and compassionate person.

O'Sensei, Morihei Ueshiba

About Aikido

Aikido is a non-violent and non-competitive Japanese martial art, which emphasizes neutralizing and controlling the force of an attack.  Aikido means “the way of harmony with life energy" (ki).  Aikido was developed by Morehei Ueshiba, commonly called O’Sensei (great teacher).  O’Sensei was a Japanese soldier, farmer, philosopher and one of the greatest martial arts masters in history. He studied and became master of jujutsu, judo, swordsmanship, spear, bayonet, and military combat techniques prior to developing Aikido.

Aikido  differs in training and purpose from other martial arts. The training is a physical process with a spiritual result.  O’Sensei realized that simply accumulating strength and technique for fighting is ultimately futile.  He saw the true purpose of the martial way of life to be the refinement of the individual.  O’Sensei created Aikido as a martial way for students to develop a strong body and a calm mind.  The natural reaction becomes defense rather than offense, protection rather than destruction.

Aikido practice is strenuous, but not violent; demanding but not rough.  It is manifested through smooth spiral movements with no sense of conflict between partners, with no winners or losers. There is no competition in Aikido, no matches, no sparring.

Our dojo teaches traditional Aikido and serves Kirkland and the Greater Eastside areas.